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Release your inner Superhero

There are various ways to support our work - by donation, sponsorship and through our Winter Droving Lottery! We are a charity, doing work on behalf of the communities we live in and serve, our aim is to make it the best place to live, work and learn. Every little helps.

Take your rightful place alongside Batman and Catwoman...

A little of your cash will go a long way, helping us to keep making great projects for Eden, Cumbria and beyond. We are a registered charity no 1139215.

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With the help of Superheroes we can change the world.

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A monthly donation with an amount of your choice will help make Eden Arts projects super. Click here to set up a direct debit.


We have a range of ways businesses can work in partnership with Eden Arts that is mutually beneficial through sponsorship and support of events, businesses providing training to our staff and Eden Arts providing creative consultancy, design, marketing, social media guidance and support. Have a look at the blog from who partnered with Eden Arts on The Winter Droving. Please get in touch with Abi in our office to find out more on 01768 899444.

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Support our Lottery

Play the Winter Droving Lottery and win up to £25k a week!!

By playing our lottery you stand a chance of winning while also contributing to the Winter Droving, ensuring that it is sustainable and gets better and better every year. Click here to play


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