Droving Trail

24th October 2020 onwards

The Droving Trail

Bella Trail

There are 10 places located on the Penrith Droving Trail. At each place scan the QR Code and watch the video...

Before you leave take a photo of the trail sign and see if you can find all the clues...

hint, hint, the first clue is located at The Train Station.


Scanning QR Codes

With an iPhone you are able to scan a QR code through your camera app. Simply hold up the phone to the signs, scan the code and click the link when it pops up on screen.

Some android devices will need a QR scanning app in order to scan the QR codes. Download a QR scanning app through your app store, and then use this to scan the codes for the videos.

Little Drovers - Penrith Winter Droving Trail

Hey Little Drovers,

Can you find all 10 Winter Droving animals hiding in shop windows around Penrith?

If you can find all 10 animals you can pick up a prize from the Infomation Point by the clock tower.

Join the Herd! Happy Hunting.

Grown ups - have you seen Bella's vlog?


24th October 2020 onwards

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