Rider Spoke #66 Project

Tour 14th - 30th April 2023

Important Info and Accessibility

Rider Spoke

Explore the town recording stories about your life and listening to other people's in a unique, immersive bike ride by award winning artists Blast Theory.

Set off in search of the perfect place to hide a secret. Ride on and the voices of strangers will draw you to new and unknown places.

“A gloriously enlivening piece of theatre ...the show’s greatest gift is that it manages to embrace the remorseless rush of the City while insisting on the individual’s ability to pierce it with quiet reflection.”


“We are truly fortunate in this century, in the wired and anonymous city, to have rediscovered Aboriginal notions of songlines and Dreamtime, to explore with the aid of mobile technology a new form of strangely low-tech play. Rider Spoke was magical.”


Rider Spoke invites you on a ride guided by a narrator and a delicate soundtrack. With a smartphone attached to your handlebars, discover heartfelt stories told by people around the world. Take time to reflect on the people and moments in your life that mean the most while you ride. Then decide whether to leave behind a story of your own.

Rider Spoke is created by the award winning, internationally acclaimed Blast Theory and has been presented at over 30 locations around the world including Adelaide, Madrid, Copenhagen, Athens and London.

Rider Spoke took place in 3 different venues in Keswick, Darlington and Redcar as part of the #66 project

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6 March - 30 April 2023

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We have tested Rider Spoke for use by audiences with diverse access needs. We welcome you to take part on your bicycle, wheelchair, mobility scooter, alternative cycle or on foot. We also offer some assistive technologies and additional assistance - including a free ticket for your personal assistant or buddy - on request. Please read the Access FAQs to find out more and contact the Eden Arts office to book a ticket with additional assistance. For full T's & C's click here.

Eden Arts can be contacted on 01768 899444

Bikes and Helmets

We will provide everything you need to take part, including a bike, phone and safety equipment. If you prefer to use your own bike, bring it along with you.

We ask that you wear a helmet to take part in Rider Spoke. We have a limited number of helmets available for you to borrow.

Before taking part in Rider Spoke you will have to agree to the following terms of use.

Rider Spoke by Blast Theory Norfolk Wonder 2021 Photo by Malachy Luckie1
Rider Spoke by Blast Theory 101 Outdoor Arts Newbury 2021 Photo by Adam Hillier 4
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Rider Spoke Brighton LL to select 48
Rider Spoke by Blast Theory Freedom Festival Hull 2021 cropped

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