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Are you a #66 artist?

The first #66 commission call-out has now been distributed. We will continue to move forward with the #66 commission programme, developing new commissions as we go along.

To that end we are gathering information from artists and creatives firstly about what they feel that they need, and secondly about the financial impact that Covid has had on income this year. If you are a #66 artist or creative you can join in here

Why do we want to know what is happening?

Over the last couple of years we have been gathering information about whether the region connected by the A66 has any similarity of profile and if there are any problems that joint working can address. Largely the outcome of that has been that there is a desire to continue to make the region culturally, environmentally and digitally progressive and successful so that it is the most liveable place, especially from the perspective of the post-millennial generation – the under 40s.

We are capturing facts and figures from artists and creatives so that we can make real arguments about what is needed – rather than just giving our opinion (there seems to be so much opinion in the world at present).

If we are to make the case for the arts then we have to do that with coherence and focus and having actual facts and figures really helps. The work on the project has given us engagement with government ministers, MPs, senior council officials and politicians, business leaders, all of whom are interested to know more about our findings.

So with the help of those who consider themselves to be #66 artists, who share our desire to be progressive and ensure that the future is healthy and prosperous and culturally rich,
we are making the case for that future, for funds to achieve it and joint working across the region so that it can truly call itself the most culturally rich place.

Join us if you think this is you.

The 66 project is all about helping to create a prosperous and healthy future for the region that lies between the west coast of Cumbria and Teesmouth.

The 66 is about answering some questions and finding solutions to some issues that present themselves in the region.

The 66 is about seeking out smart people to do that.

The #66 covers Allerdale, Carlisle, Copeland, Eden, County Durham, Stockton, Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland. The #66 project has been funded by Arts Council England, the #66 district councils and the Tees Valley Combined Authority.

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