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Everybody wears a mask. At the first Droving, reputed to have taken place in 1036, they started to wear masks. It is so written in the Rulefs of the Droveths...

Why? we don't know - we think that it is so that you can let your hair down in disguise.

A fox, a sheep, a cow, a stag.... there are plenty of options to choose from.

However Ruleths be Ruleths. So just be sure you obey them. Mask Police patrol the town...

You should really make your own, in the style of your house clan...

If you are not feeling particularly creative the following businesses in Penrith (the selected 10) are selling masks in their shops every day up until the Winter Droving 2019, and they will be available on the day from Eden Arts Info Point in Market Square

You can get yours from one of the following;
Argos Penrith
Arragon's Cycles
The Hedgehog Bookshop (from 1st October)
J&J Graham
Lion Gallery
Penrith Tourist Information
Sassy Nix Boutique
Townhall Treasures
Wrights Coffee and Icecream

P.S. Purchasing a mask from one of our marvellous mask sellers in Penrith also means you are supporting the event. Every penny of profit from the sale of these will be put towards making the event even more magic filled - and who doesn't want more magic?

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