World Record Breakers FLOCK!

Flock Workshop

We asked out former Project Officer from 2012, Jo Crompton, about her favourite Eden Arts project. Here is what she told us...

"My favourite project was ‘FLOCK’ - initially a local community art project that grew into something much bigger with thousands of people joining in from around the world. Eden Arts ran workshops and encouraged people to make and send in woollen pom-pom sheep. The goal was to create a large scale art installation - think Antony Gormley’s ‘Field for the British Isles’ but with colourful pompom sheep! We ran the project to encourage creativity, collaboration and highlight ‘The Campaign for Wool’.

We had no idea it would become so big - thousands of people downloaded the template from the ‘join the FLOCK’ website and sent in their sheep, we were amazed when they started arriving from around the world. We had a very small office at the time and sheep started taking over! The FLOCK installation toured a number of venues throughout Cumbria in 2012, alongside a commissioned film HEFTED by Dreamtime Films.

As the project drew to a close we were contacted by Aardman who wanted to continue growing the Flock under the Shaun the Sheep brand. The Eden Arts FLOCK joined the Aardman sheep for a big display at London Zoo were the project gained a Guinness World Record!"

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