The Golden Crossbreeds

Bbc One Show 14Th Nov

“We had a great time yet again in the Winter Droving it is something we all look forward to every year"

Each year for the Winter Droving Procession members of the public are encouraged to sign up to carry a fire torch, dress up and join the bands, giant animal lanterns and street performers to walk with the procession through the town.

When we began The Winter Droving in 2012 we had no idea if anyone would turn up, fast forward 7 years later and now the parade has become synonymous with the ‘Golden Crossbreeds’ - a group who seem to be growing in numbers each year, and wear homemade golden masks, horns, cloaks and carry staffs and regularly feature in The Winter Droving press and publicity.

The group seized the opportunity to take part in this event, which now gains regular national press coverage and return again and again with new and more elaborate outfits.

They were also picked up by the BBC One Show, and invited to come and welcome the Rickshaw Challenge into town in 2017, hosted by Matt Baker and even Pudsey Bear wanted a piece of the action!

The group of friends have a history of being involved in local events, and previously made floats in the May Day parade for 30 years.

Christine Romano of the group said "The first year of the Droving we made feather masks and carried torches after that we were hooked. We enjoy getting together making new parts to add to the costumes so they look better each year. It’s amazing being in the parade, a real buzz, the whole town comes alive and the amount of people who turn out to watch is mind blowing. It is a privilege to take part as we are all immensely proud of Penrith and anything that promotes it has to be a good thing.

The wonderful thing about the Winter Droving is how it just gets better each year well done to Eden Arts.”

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