Artists Spare Room | Lucas Chih-Peng Kao | Part 1


The I in the Artist


2019-01-17 Eden Arts

How do you take the I from Artist?

Artist make Art, but what does that mean?

What did I do in 2018?

What did I learned?

Art is something you claimed.

Making Art

How do I reach further than where I am?

To do things as I wanted, what is the right or the wrong way. Write, write, write.

Me me me,

2018 had been a creatively explosive year for me, its the first year I came out as an Artist, after many years making films, collaborating with other artist, going to cinema, watching artist films in Alchemy Film Festival,

It felt like the constellation of all my skills, knowledge, network, energy, and ideas finally started to align or start making sense from the sea of legos floating in my mind.

I performed in Embassy Gallery twice,

also in Hidden Door Festival Edinburgh,

Not only now I have one foot in Theatre/Dance/Performance, I had also performed with

Eden Arts is also the first solo residency I had ever taken, compared to the


2018 kicked started with my first commision, an outdoor installation called Faery Trail, an installation which was shown for four days in Aberdeen to a six months exhibition in Bury Manchester, which is something I never expected.

I became frustrated with public film funding,

Free-reign residency,

Thanks to all the kind staff at Eden Arts, Adrian, Jo, Simon, Bryoney, and Mags,

In 2018, its a year of making, it was a creatively explosive year.

personal life is always a mess, as I put my work before everything else, as a way to avoid life and all its complexity.

I felt that I hadn’t done anything, that will be deemed by an authority as achievement,

but maybe thats ok too.

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