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(and you could be a winner too)

The Winter Droving is a free event enjoyed by thousands every year, showing off our town at its best, a great community event that also brings a boost to the local economy – and sometimes gets us on the news!

In order to maintain the Droving and ensure that it continues we work hard to fund-raise and we are grateful to the support of local businesses with their sponsorship and local agencies such as the Arts Council, the local councils, the Penrith BID and the Penrith Lottery for their support.

Every year gets tougher to raise the finances necessary to pay for the whole thing – costs go up but the money available doesn’t! 2024 sees us facing a significant funding shortfall and we need to do everything we can to make sure that the Droving doesn’t cease to exist.

You can read our EVALUATION of the 2023 event here.

So, we are asking supporters and attenders if you can throw something in the bucket. With so many people attending every year we know that if everyone puts something in we are safe.

To suit everyone we are creating different ways of supporting – we will be launching a crowd funder in early summer, we have a donations page at Winter Droving HQ, and we are also launching a lottery for those who prefer to have the chance of winning something in return for their contribution!!

The Winter Droving Lottery works like any other, you sign up and you are entered into the draw. Our Lottery is part of a bigger scheme so each week you are in with a. chance of winning £25k as the top prize as well as smaller prizes of £2k, £250 and £25. There is also a monthly super draw that has additional prizes. Tickets are £1 per week and you can buy a single or sign up for recurring weeks – it is up to you.

We really, really need your support to keep the Winter Droving the fantastic success that it is, please sign up to the Winter Droving Lottery if you can!


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