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Eden Arts Blog: A Week with Darryl J Carrington

It was an absolute delight to spend a week in Penrith as part of Eden Arts' spare room residency program. My time there was immensely fulfilling, and I gained invaluable insights and experiences. The Eden Arts Team boasts an impressive wealth of knowledge and a remarkably friendly demeanor. We engaged in numerous discussions about avenues for developing and showcasing my work, as well as strategies for improving its marketability.

Upon arriving in a new space, it often takes time to acclimate and feel at ease. However, I immediately felt welcomed and at home. I had full confidence in my ability to work in their space according to my preferences. Much of my work involves connecting with audiences on stage through the guise of clowning and physical comedy, often crafting scenarios that defy logic and inviting the audience to join me onstage.

Creating new work without an audience can be challenging. Nevertheless, this week afforded me the opportunity to focus on refining the finer details of my recent material. The spare arts room provided an ideal environment for concentrated work. For instance, I dedicated time to editing music from soundtracks to complement the routines I've been developing, a process that demands considerable time and attention.

It was also enriching to engage in meaningful conversations with Adrian about the broader landscape of outdoor arts practice and its profound impact on local communities. Our discussions illuminated the transformative power of art in public spaces, sparking ideas and reflections on how we can further contribute to the cultural fabric of our communities through our work. These conversations added another layer of depth to my residency experience, highlighting the significance of art beyond traditional gallery settings.

It was a rewarding experience to share the residency with the talented poet and visionary, Daniella. Our concentrated work was interspersed with profound conversations about our respective art forms and life in general. Collaborating with another artist in the space and exchanging ideas was truly enriching, particularly since Daniella's background differs significantly from mine, offering unique insights into the world of poetry.

One aspect of Daniella's approach that deeply resonated with me was her unwavering strength and commitment to creating and sharing her innermost thoughts with others. As a clown, I often find myself subconsciously engaging in similar acts of emotional expression, albeit more indirectly. However, openly baring my emotions to an audience is something I rarely do.

My creative journey began as a painter and sculptor, as I struggled to articulate my feelings growing up. Painting became my chosen mode of expression, though it was frequently dismissed as a frivolous pursuit. Consequently, I seldom share my paintings with others, as they hold immense personal significance to me.

In gratitude to Daniella and Eden Arts, I decided to leave behind a small painting—a whimsical depiction of a unicorn—as a token of appreciation. While it may not be a masterpiece, it symbolizes the time spent and the lessons learned during my residency.

As a group, we explored various methods of showcasing my work, and we may have something special in store for the Winter Droving, so stay tuned.

Thank you, Eden Arts, for an incredible week.

Watch a short film of Darryl here.

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