Artists Spare Room | Gavin MacGregor

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Two weeks

three rivers,

deep time Eden Valley,

drifts & flows

root & branch


woodland pheasant terrortories

Roman carbon roarscapes

livestock inheritance buried

access confluence denied


mythogeographic mutations

Ituna, Brocavum, Belatucader, Isis Parlis

Artur's Castel, Robin Hoods Ball, Venus Cloacina


object picturesque fragmentation

feather, wood & bones

object sculptural recombination

earthworks & standing stones


explaining time to a dead hare

Meg's daughters reawaken

birth three dragons



Still pondering,

Cultural resonances - Neolithic Eden circular time sensibilities : Roman Eden linear efficiencies.

Still imagining,

a post plasticised post Neolithic Anthropocene (Garden of ? [new forms of human biodiversity stewardship]) Eden.

Now day dreaming,

Mayburgh, KART, LRT - three monuments as arenas for contemporary performance / installation.

Now considering,

Deeper Eden, as group journey from Red Gill Beck, Black Moss, to Solway.

Many thanks to Team Eden Arts, Adrian, Bryoney, Heather, Jo, Mags & Simon for support & discussions on the residency.

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