Artists' Spare Room | Daniela Fleckenstein Part 2

Storyworld map

In my second week of my stay, my focus was to polish my tools, skill set and understanding of the creative process. And taking time to reflect on this.

As an Artist and someone that aims to communicate the often unseen and only imagined; Practicing and exploring non-verbal and visual communication, was the start of my journey this week.

A basic requirement needed in the Art Department and often bigger teams, conveying and communicating vision and mission.

The creative process has always been a fascination for me, as I also draw parallels to life; where for me the way is the goal and one should aim to enjoy the journey.

And it is also intriguing, what one learns throughout - sometimes even more interesting, than the end product itself.

Also with an intrigue how theatre and film overlaps in current times (I work a little in both) and the creations of set design and approach, borrow from each other.

This week I was trying to practice my skill set of drawing and sketches, able to compete with software, technology and apps that often do the thinking for you.

Arguing and exploring my point: that lead and pen on paper allows you to explore what is in your head and your imagination, rather than a calculation and machine generated representation on screen, - at great speed, may I add.

Looking to develop my pathway as a competent member to and in the Art Department for film, reflecting on methodology and process. The process of making a vision a reality and to bring it into being. The current time adds an additional challenge: Competing with the digital world and methods.

As it is close to my heart and I insist that there is still a different and worthy quality to be had, by putting lead or pen on paper - I embarked on applying my thinking and methods to Eden Art’s Winter Droving.

As Production and Set Designer for theatre and film, the first step is always the exploration of the ‘Story World’ ; where is this to be set and when? And who are the people to populate this place and space?

The Magic happens in Production Design when actual human experience crosses with Imagination - creating the physical and immersive reality of said story world and narrative.

Using the Winter Droving as an Example, most of the set is set with the stunning backdrop that is Penrith, lending it’s charm to this narrative. The People are often regular visitors, bringing their imagination and interpretation fully expressed in costume - and in big numbers. With added performances, activities and attractions.

What a place to start to refine and make this Story World bigger and better - and more of an immersive experience, perhaps.

Aiding the process and discussions, I was party to in the Eden Arts Team, we created a mood-board and threw some ideas around.

I have walked Penrith a great number of times in the last few days, exploring what is there and can be added. Pulling it all together in an overview and a a hand drawn map - summarising the exploration and creative direction this may take in time to come. Internalising the footprint of this story world in the process.

I also took time out speeding up observational skills and making marks on paper to capture and convey - not only the imagined but also what is in front of my eyes.

Also, taking out my camera, to capture this week’s fellow Artist in residence: Sarah Fortais and her performance through Penrith and Carlisle, of an ‘Analogue Astronaut’. Only adding to the experience and exploration of my mission and of seeing the same backdrop anew, contextualising through her performance what was already there, but telling a different story.

All in all, my most favourite take away and reminder this week - is that you have to be present with body and mind, in order to visualise and see.

Thanks for having me Eden Arts Team - looking forwarded to see how this story will end.

Have a look at my Blog: , for further insight into the methods and makings of an Art Department, a sneak peek behind the scenes.

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